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Who are we?

We’re a green, female-led brand offering eco-friendly, reusable and multi-purpose fabric gift wraps and gift bags. Our fabrics range from 100% natural cottons through to soft velvets and beautiful silks catering to the tastes of the most sophisticated gift-givers.


We put a modern twist on the ancient Japanese art of furoshiki and combined creativity, ecology and thoughtfulness. Then, we mixed it with passion and the strive for perfection, gave it a stir, and this is where Wrappucino meets you, dear Visitor.

To find out what makes us eco - click here for more details


Why wrap with fabric, you say? 


We’re glad you asked!


  • It’s quick & simple: wrap your gifts in 10 seconds or less, no sellotape, ribbons, glue or scissors needed:


All you need to do place your gift in the middle of the fabric and tie the ends any way you want, it’s as simple as that! If you want some help or inspiration, we have tonnes of instructions here.​





  • It’s eco-friendly: no trees ever died in the making of a Wrapuccino

  • These wraps are completely reusable and multi-purpose. Unlike paper giftwrap that is instantly disposed of, your Wrapuccino will serve you and your closest ones for years* on 

  • Even if you lose your mind and decide to throw away a Wrapuccino (ouch!), Mother Earth will gladly decompose of it in as little as a week as it’s 100% biodegradable

  • It’s multipurpose- depending which one you go for, our range of beautiful designs can serve you as a stylish scarf, a bag, a table cloth, a headband, a handkerchief, a blindfold (wink wink)....whatever rocks your boat!

  • It's original: they make every gift that much more special


There’s something unique about wrapping in fabric- it’s the thoughtfulness and the extra care you put into giving a present. It shows you not only care about the contents, but also made sure it’s presented in an out-of-the-ordinary way plus completely eco-friendly. You can’t go wrong with this**.



Wrapuccino Fabric Wraps 10 (1).jpg
Wrapuccino Fabric Wrap_edited.jpg


  • It's creative: there are countless ways of gift-wrapping


You can unleash your inner genius and creativity as there is an infinite ways of wrapping with fabric, so much that the Japanese made a whole art of it. Just as origami is the art of paper folding, furoshiki is the art of creating amazing gift wraps. You can follow some of our tutorials, search for more inspiration on Youtube or simply create your own- whatever path you choose, don't forget to share it with us. With our range of unique designs, no two gifts are ever the same, and even the simplest of wraps done in a few seconds looks like an elaborate work of art.

  • It's giving squared: you're effectively giving two gifts + something more

It adds value to your original gift and makes it last. It may happen that your gift gets eaten, spilt (yikes!), drank, gulped, rubbed in or sprayed out and thus leaving no memory of your generosity. With a Wrapuccino, however, your memory will stay with the recipient until they decide to give it to someone else. Who knows what journey your very own Wrapuccino is going to take?

  • It's beautiful: and elegant and incredibly stylish

A bottle of wine wrapped in a smooth silk wrap just screams elegance and luxury, A book adorned in a playful polka dot fabric wrap is so cute you want to squeeze it and/or eat it. Don't take our word for it, see for yourself!

If you are a business owner and would like to be our stockist, or use the wraps to package your own products, head to our wholesale section


*centuries (applies to Vampires only)

**We take no responsibility if your loved one likes the Wrapuccino more than the gift itself. We say oopsey. You have been warned

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