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What makes us eco?

We get this question a lot, so here's a summary:


1. It's zero waste & organic. As opposed to single-use old-fashioned wrap, our product is durable and reusable it's literally a giftwrap that keeps on giving for many years to come!


All our wraps are handmade to the highest standards with all the sides sewn as double-fold hems to prevent fraying. This and our QA guarantees our wraps will bring joy to your loved ones over and over again.


An actual footage of our QA process, Wrapuccino HQ, August 2020.

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2. All our packaging is minimum-waste, FSC® certified, printed with vegetable ink, is 100% compostable and contains absolutely 0 plastic.

3. By buying a Wrapuccino, you actively show your care for the environment by aligning  with the natural world! A percentage of all our profit goes to the UK based charity Plastic Oceans UK, whose aim is to combat plastic pollution through a multitude of inspiring initiatives. 


3. Even more 0 waste! Wrapping in fabric doesn't require any sticky tape, scissors or plastic ribbons. It can be as simple as tying two corners of the wrap together in a matter of seconds, et voila! You're done. That means there's no ribbons lying around when you've unwrapped a gift, no sticky tape hanging from the wrap.

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