Beautiful rose & hubble colourful pink flamingo print design is original and flamboyant. The colours are rich and the print is OEKO-TEX certified which means the fabric is fully safe for your skin and for the Planet, too.

This fabric is 100% cotton. Its premium quality will satisfy any gift giver or taker. The wrap can be reused many years to come and also repurposed as your accessory (hair band, bandana) or home decoration (napkin, table cloth). 


Finished by hand to perfection. 100% cotton.


Available in 2 sizes: M - approx. 50x50cm, L - approx 70x70cm


Medium size wrap (50x50cm) is great for wrapping gifts such as books, medium-size boxes, cosmetics, perfumes, candles etc. 

Large size wrap (70x70) is great for wine and other alcohol bottles, large books (with illustrations, photography), larger items such as boxes.





Pink flamingo rose & hubble reusable gift wrap - furoshiki