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MISS BLOOM is for the unique, artistic and sophisticated. 


This Wrapuccino is perfect for any occasion - whether you're celebrating your romantic relationship or precious friendship, or you simply want to express affection and care for your loved one.


This furoshiki gift wrap is made of recycled satin, hand-sewn to perfection and will last for many, many years. You can reuse it creatively in many ways - that's why furoshiki is called the "fabric of a thousand uses".  


Its medium size  (50x50cm) is great for wrapping gifts such as books, medium-size boxes, cosmetics, perfumes, candles etc.


Handing a gift wrapped in fabric is extra special, you show you care on so many levels: about the person, the environment, but also about beauty, style and presentation. Effectively, you’re giving the lucky recipient two gifts.


With Wrapuccino, we put a modern twist on the ancient Japanese art of furoshiki and combined creativity, ecology and thoughtfulness. Then, we mixed it with passion and the strive for perfection, gave it a stir, and this is where our beautiful fabric gift wraps meet you. 


MISS BLOOM - Satin Furoshiki Gift Wrap

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