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Wrapuccino x Liberty

Updated: Feb 16

We've partnered with Liberty London to create luxurious and sustainable furoshiki gift wrap. After a busy past few months we have finally landed at Liberty in time for Christmas, Take a look at our new collection!

We have been super excited to share with you all what we have been working on, and finally the products are now live on

However, if you would like to see our products in the flesh, make sure you head down to Liberty on level 4 and check out the beautiful designs on our wraps.

Luxury brands are leading the way towards a more sustainable future, and it seems as if Liberty is the place to be this Christmas. So why not treat your friends and family this year, and be the talk of the party with your creative wrapping skills!

After lots of hard work and dedication, it is refreshing to see luxury brands begin to see an interest in more eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives. Green is the future and we can't wait to share our products with the world!

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