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Workers face gross misconduct for no bottoms on work call

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Are you one of the many people who just put a nice top on while sitting in your underwear during an online meeting? You might want to read on. From today, employers can ask workers to stand up during the call to check wether their employees are respecting the company's policy and dress code.

Agata S. from Kent was taken by surprise at her 9am meeting today: "You know, I brush my teeth and stuff when I wake up, iron a nice work top even, but my favourite watermelon-patterned cotton knickers is all I wear waist-down. I thought I was being clever and gamed the system but today I was handed in a gross misconduct letter by HR later on." She commented, visibly distressed and, for a change, now also wearing a pair of jeans.

''At this time we'd like to remind employees that working from home doesn't equal to going to Magaluf and you should keep our bottoms on'. Said HR person Magda P.

The new laws are coming into place today.

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