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Scarves and wraps are replacing T-shirts... and we’re here for it!

Updated: Feb 16

Trends come and go, some are here to stay and some spark controversy, but the trend of the beautifully patterned accessory is back and people all over the world are putting their own twist on it!

The all new ‘Scarf Tops’ have taken the world by storm, with celebrities such as Bella Hadid showing off their new summer wear.

‘Scarf Tops’ are the new hot look and are extremely versatile, not to mention they are inspiring the nation to incorporate multi-use fabrics into their daily lives, which in turn should result in a boost in sustainable alternatives.

The trend, which was first popular thanks to the likes of Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé, is well and truly back in fashion and hopefully here to stay! Especially with celebrities such as the Kardashians posting their new go to summer tops on their social media platforms.

With this new trend becoming the ultimate summer must have, many have started to create their own styles of this look by putting a modern spin on the idea and sharing their creations online for people to share and try out for themselves.

At this moment in time there is an ongoing, large environmental crisis involving fast fashion, but hopefully this trend could see a major impact in helping to influence the use of multi-use fabric, and it also gives people the option to use sustainable fabrics and to still feel fashionable.

The art of Furoshiki and its reusability has been around for hundreds of years, so to see how it can be adapted to our modern day society is fascinating.

Will you be trying out the ‘scarf top’ this Summer?

If so, head over to our socials! Here at Wrapuccino we have been experimenting with our wraps to create such tops, so watch out for our future webinars and social media posts where we will demonstrate tutorials for these fashionable, yet eco-friendly, tops!

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