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PlusPerfekt - Furoshiki

Updated: May 20, 2021

Looking for eco-friendly gift packaging for your lovingly chosen Christmas presents? So this year no paper towers and no plastic waste from coated packaging? Then you should get to know Furoshiki.

This article first appeared in PlusPerfekt on 3 December 2020: original URL.

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Wrapping with Furoshiki instead of gluing

Furoshiki is the name of the traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. It can be used in many different ways. As gift wrapping for books, candles, wine bottles and much more, but also as a book cover and to simply carry small items home from shopping. In Japan, the cloth is also used - listen and be amazed - as a handbag, scarf or even hair band. It is used much more expediently in the household. There it is used as a tea towel or tablecloth. There are many possibilities and they are determined only by your own creativity. Once you start with it, you will hardly be able to keep your hands off it.

Sustainable gift wrapping with tradition

And environmentally conscious is the cloth anyway. Wrapuccino's Christmas wrapping is made from 100 percent cotton. A quality fabric that can last generations and is so original it could be a gift idea itself. The material is soft and has a natural, earthy feel. The edges are sewn in to prevent fraying with frequent use.

The medium size package (50 x 50 cm) is great for wrapping gifts such as books, cosmetics or perfumes. The large size version (70 x 70 cm) is great for wine bottles and large books. Don't worry, if you are not sure whether the format of the wrapping cloth you have chosen is enough for your gift, you can ask the store directly and get helpful tips. In addition, the store's blog has a wide variety of ideas on how you can use the cloth to implement new wrapping ideas again and again.

Wrapuccino is a British label that offers eco-friendly, fully reusable and versatile gift wrapping and gift bags made from fabric. Materials range from 100

percent natural cotton fabric to delicate velvet and high-quality silks. A mix of ancient Japanese folding art and the modern pursuit of ecology and sustainability.

Our conclusion

The perfect packaging idea for all those who like to wrap their gifts in an original and environmentally conscious way, but do not want to compromise on beauty.

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