Easy and Sustainable DIY Halloween Decorations You’ll Love!

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

After almost two years spent floating like a ghost in and out of lockdowns (pun definitely intended), we are finally able to celebrate our painfully-missed favourite festivities in person with each other again – and we are ready to make up for lost time. One thing we definitely do not need to make up for however, is the waste created by buying new Halloween decorations and ornaments. So, if you’re this years designated Halloween-hostess-with-the-mostest, who’s been trusted to making sure all your nearest and dearest are in high and spooky spirits this October, or whether you’re taking one for the team this year by hosting a children’s Halloween party, here is how you can make DIY Halloween decorations in sustainable style.

1. Furoshiki Pumpkin

If you’re thinking of planting your home with pumpkins this season, you can put away your carving knives and simply get some old clothes and a large cloth – and you have yourself the cheapest pumpkin decorations known to man (and to ghosts too). This very slimy tradition originated in America where it’s referred to as a “jack-o-lantern”. According to the originally Irish folklore from which it was derived – the extremely infamous Jack was a mischievous and conniving young man who met with the devil one evening. The pair enjoyed a drink together, however, Jack being quite the artful dodger, managed to persuade the devil to change himself into the form of a coin that jack could use to pay for his drink. Jack then sneakily took back the coin and out it into his pocket next to a silver cross. Although the devil tried to return to his original form, he was unable to do so, and jack held onto him until the devil promised he wouldn’t take Jacks soul. When jacks time on earth came to an end, God refused to accept Jack into heaven due to his devious actions on Earth and his devious disposition. Instead, God sent Jack to hell to see his old friend the Devil. However, due to the agreement the two had made in the past, the devil refused to take his soul in, and sent jack to roam the earth for the rest of eternity – with only a piece of coal to guide him on his never-ending journey. According to this legend, Jack lit the coal, put it in a turnip, and has been floating around scaring children ever since. So, in response the Irish settlers in America began carving and lighting their own pumpkins in response to ward him and any other similar spirits away.

Luckily, the history of Furoshiki has a much brighter past which you can read about here.

To see how you can make a Halloween pumpkin at home without wasting food and money, check our our instagram here.

2. DIY Halloween Wine Bottle Candle Holders

For this creepy and creative DIY Halloween decoration, all you need is

· Some used empty wine bottles

· Orange/black long candles

· Black finish Chalk paint

· Paint Brushes

Simply remove any labels, give your old bottles a lick of paint, and voila!

3. Milk jug ghost lanterns

Last (but definitely not the least scary), why not grab some used milk jugs, give them a rinse, take out a black pen and get artistic on some upcycled plastic! These inventive Halloween decorations are cheep and cheerful (in a scary way of course), and once again eliminates annual Halloween waste and carbon footprint.

So, to scare your friends this halloween without scaring you pockets and the environment, here are our favourite DIY halloween decorations everyone will love.

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