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5 Funky Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Updated: Feb 16

Finding a special gift that is just as unique as the person you’re getting it for can be a struggle. After searching relentlessly online and offline for imaginative gift ideas, but being faced with mostly the opposite, you may now have reached the “let me just buy him another coffee mug for the fifth year in a row, I’m sure he won’t notice” stage of the father’s day gift hunting process (a stage I find myself in most years). However, there is only so much room in the cupboard for an annual “best dad in the world” mug!

Here at Wrapuccino, we did the research for you, so, if your dad is of the quirky kind, here are 5 cool father’s day gift ideas that he will love.

1. NovelTea Drinks

For the day and night drinkers combined, this