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5 Funky Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Updated: Feb 16

Finding a special gift that is just as unique as the person you’re getting it for can be a struggle. After searching relentlessly online and offline for imaginative gift ideas, but being faced with mostly the opposite, you may now have reached the “let me just buy him another coffee mug for the fifth year in a row, I’m sure he won’t notice” stage of the father’s day gift hunting process (a stage I find myself in most years). However, there is only so much room in the cupboard for an annual “best dad in the world” mug!

Here at Wrapuccino, we did the research for you, so, if your dad is of the quirky kind, here are 5 cool father’s day gift ideas that he will love.

1. NovelTea Drinks

For the day and night drinkers combined, this tea-tasting-alcohol is a must try. It's vegan friendly, has no artificial colours or preservatives, has earned three great taste awards, and is absolutely genius. Who knew alcohol could taste so innocent?

2. Whiskey Soaps

These handmade fragrant and exfoliating scrubs, shaken and not stirred by their creator Danielle Martin and sold by the company Uncommon Goods, is an impressive novelty gift idea for any sophisticated man of class who likes to smell good and feel good.

3. Custom Star Map

If your dad is a big softie - purchase with caution. This beautiful and sentimental gift has the power to move any man to tears. Do you have a specific memory with your dad that is particularly close to your heart? Perhaps the day he taught you how to ride a bike, or maybe when he took you for your first driving lesson. If so, by entering the date you’ll remember forever into alongside the location where your special memory took place, you can give your father a visual and breath-taking image of how the stars above you were aligned that day where you were – (pass me a tissue).

4. Personalized Men’s Glasses Stand

This unmissable piece of art was designed for any man with culture. Found at Love Unique, Not only is this stand of practical use, it can also be engraved with a meaningful message for your father, a definite 2-in-1.

5. Birthstone Jewellery

A good piece of jewellery can never go unwanted – especially for the rock-and-roll dads. So if your father is extra edgy and appreciates a bit of the bling, for Father’s Day, why not gift him a ring or bracelet embedded with the birthstone of his (favourite) child? If you’re not sure what your birthstone is, here’s a list below:

  • January: Garnet

  • February: Amethyst

  • March: Aquamarine

  • April: Diamond

  • May: Emerald

  • June: Pearl or Alexandrite

  • July: Ruby

  • August: Peridot

  • September: Sapphire

  • October: Tourmaline or Opal

  • November: Topaz or Citrine

  • December: Tanzanite, Zircon or Turquoise

We hope this list of 5 fathers day gifts ideas has helped you find the perfect gift for your dad. To make it even more special, why not browse through our range of sustainable fabric wraps to send your special gift in sustainable style.

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