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We have produced and still produce millions of tons of paper - with the difference that in 2019 we began to care slightly more.


There is a whole lot of noise about plastic being replaced with more sustainable products, which really is great news.


But, what about paper?

Hundreds and maybe even thousands of tones of paper is being thrown away each year. Christmas alone can overload many wastelands across the globe. 

Each year, in the UK alone, consumers use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper. This is equivalent of wrapping the Earth’s circumference with it 9.5 times! 


Does this exhaust our Planet? It certainly does. 

Think of all the trees that need to be cut down so that we can sustain the wrapping paper phenomenon. Think of all the animals that live in forests and lose homes as a result. 


Not only that. The paper bit isn’t even the worst part. 

Many wrapping papers are not made from paper per se and thus can’t be recycled. Others are covered in shining glitter that is effectively microplastics which will live on this Planet for thousands of years. 

This is what marine life feeds on in our Oceans. 


We’ve come a long way from the times when we thought recycling our rubbish was doing enough for the Planet. We have educated ourselves and become horrified. All the plastic that has ever been produced still exists on Earth. Sellotape can’t be recycled.


Something has to be done. 


And that’s our friends, how the idea of a 100% recyclable gift wrap made from natural fabrics such as hemp and cotton was born. Will it save the Planet? Probably not. It is a tiny step. Small steps, however, have been known to make huge impacts on humankind.

Please help us raise awareness and like/ share and follow us to spread awareness. 

With love, 

Joanna & Magdalena 

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