How to wrap?

Wrapping in fabric can be as simple as tying 2 corners of fabric together.

Although it may look complicated at first sight, it's really not! And it's a lot quicker than wrapping with paper- trust us, we're pro-wrappers and you will be too!

You need no scissors, no sticky tape, no ribbons and the most beautiful wraps can be achieved in a matter of 10 seconds.

In the video on the right we demonstrate 7 techniques of wrapping in fabric that should have you covered for any gift, no matter what shape or form.


Don't be shy and give it a try - you'll be surprised how simply and impressive it is!


Single Knot Wrap (10 sec)

Perfect for: books, games, boxes, picture frames & other rectangular objects.

This is one of the most popular wraps as it’s so beautiful and simple.


  1. Place your cloth diagonally with your object in the middle. Make sure the sides of your gift are NOT parallel to the sides of the cloth (like you’d have them with wrapping paper), but remain diagonal.

  2. Grab the top corner towards you and tuck it underneath the object.

  3. Fold the bottom corner over your gift.

  4. Grab the 2 remaining left and right corners and tie them into a knot- twice.

  5. Et voilà – tuck, pull & straighten your bow to make it even more marvellous. For bonus points you can decorate it with a leaf or flower (but you don’t have to). 

Double - Knot Wrap


Perfect for: any gift really! It works especially well for wrapping books, cubical shapes, boxes with shoes, jewellery.

Wrapuccino double knot flower wrap-3.png
  1. Place your gift in the middle diagonally across the cloth, so that the sides of the gift are pointing towards two of the corners

  2. Grab any 2 corners furthest away from each other & tie them together (2 knots).

  3. You’re left with 2 other corners- go on, grab them together, tie 2 knots and tadam! Your beautiful wrap is ready to impress.

Wine Bottle Carry Wrap 1


Perfect for: any bottle of alcohol, olive oil, water bottle.

  1. Place your bottle upwards, roughly in the middle of the cloth.

  2. Grab any 2 corners that are furthest away and tie 2 knots with them on top of the bottle.

  3. Grab the remaining 2 corners and bring them together. Cross hands and swap corners (so that the left corner is in your right hand and the right corner is your left.)

  4. Go around the bottle horizontally and tie 2 knots there. Your bottle is ready both for gifting and carrying it!

Wine Bottle Carry Wrap 2


2 Bottles Wrap

(doubles as a carrier bag)


Perfect for: all those who don’t come to a party with JUST 1 bottle of wine.

  1. Lay out your fabric diagonally and place the bottles in the middle so that their tops are facing the utmost right and left corner of the wrap. Note: leave around 1 fist of space between the 2 bottle bottoms.

  2. Grab the corner of the fabric furthest from you (which doesn’t have any bottles lying on it), flip it over the bottles and keep on rollin’ rollin’ until you have a nice roll.

  3. Grab the tops of the bottles through the wrap on your left and right, stand them up and tie 2 knots- that’s it. You’re ready to be a star of any picnic or party.

Kimono Wrap for wine bottles


Book Cover Wrap - flower knot

Book Cover Wrap - simple wrap

Double-Knot Wrap for long objects


Perfect for: any long and slim object: chef knives, long jewellery boxes 

1. As before, place your object diagonally on your downwards-facing cloth.

2. Grab the 2 corners that are furthest from each other and tie them into 2 knots.

3. Grab the remaining 2 corners together and repeat step 2

4. Fiddle with the bows until fully satisfied.

2 knots wrapuccino fabric wrap.png