What happens when you bring together fabric and pineapple?

A cocktail of sustainability and style - what a sweet and juicy combo!


For all the nature lovers, the conscious beings, the ones that like innovation and creativity - we're bringing unconventional but very much needed metamorphosis: fusion of furoshiki handbags made of various fabric be it organic cotton, satin, velvet, silk or linen, and a handbag strap/handle that is made of pineapple leaf fibres.


More about the pineapple handle:

- It's a natural, non-woven material made from pineapple leaf fibre which can be used as an alternative to leather and petroleum-based textiles.

- It was developed as a natural based non-woven material that can be used as a sustainable alternative to consumers by offering a better choice for a better future.

- Is made from pineapple leaf fibre, which is a by-product of the agriculture industry. No extra land, water or pesticides are required to produce the raw material.

- The dyes are GOTS approved and the resins comply with AFIRM standards.

- It's a versatile, lightweight and durable material.


Click to see how it combines with Wrapuccino fabric wraps.