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Collaborate With Us

At Wrapuccino, we believe in the power of community, which not only includes our customer base but our collaborators as well. Our community plays a role in our product from purchase all the way back to the concept design of our products, which is where you come in.  


Using the concept and philosophy of Wrapuccino, we would collaborate with people who through telling a story can promote created products, Through the power of community, we will make a positive impact on our environment.

Fit Girl

You recycle, make conscious purchases and seeing litter on the beach/street drives you up the wall! When you're not setting up your home compost, or refilling your coffee in a reusable cup, you're creating art.  Masterful paintings, graphic design or just doodling at your desk.

Who You Are

Ready to Be Part of Wrapuccino Family?


Send us an email at:

with a brief description of your experience and current creative ativities.  

Once we start the collaboration, you support us and we support you.

From now on we are making the Planet healthier and safer. 

Portrait of a Man

Help us save the Planet one gift at a time


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