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Our vision

At Wrapuccino, we are committed to reducing 1 million metres of gift wrapping paper from the waste stream every year!

We can’t do this on our own - help us achieve it!

Who we work with

The companies we choose to work with are local, so that the production processes have a minimal environmental impact.


They are reliable and accurate and, like us, they are passionate and devoted to what they do and what they believe in. 


We are very pleased that they agreed to work with us.

We hope that the list of collaborators will be increasing over the coming months and years.

We would like to welcome textile specialists for whom the environment is a priority in their business. 

Our 100% cotton and 100% linen materials are sourced from the UK and Spain. 

The materials made of hemp are sourced from India, and are made under fair labour conditions in India. They are produced ethically and are of the highest quality. 

Creativity & zero waste

The road to zero waste doesn't have to be boring. The  lifestyle in which you try not to pollute the environment unnecessarily and generate lots garbage doesn't need to be challenging. It's actually easier and more appreciative, more graceful and creative than you would even imagine. 

At Wrapuccino, we believe in living more mindfully and gracefully. 

 Through our activities we intend to encourage you to waste as little as possible, use leftovers, repair old items and use your creativity in using furoshiki-style fabric wrappings. 

Choose one of our designs and  use it not once but again and again. Wthout generating unnecessary waste. 

Help us save the Planet one gift at a time
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